A Display of Love. Now in Technicolor!


The Ceremony

Set below the stained glass "crown jewel" of the sanctuary, your milestone moment becomes a display of love in technicolor for your guests as they watch the ceremony take place on the raised altar.  Capable of seating upwards of 175 guests, the space is perfectly suited to host all types of commitment ceremonies.   

The Reception

You're hitched! Now let's celebrate! After your marriage ceremony, your guests are dazzled as they enter an enchanting space that speaks to your taste. Themed signature cocktails, a thoughtfully crafted dinner menu, and dancing till midnight are just a few of the highlights your guests might expect!


The Rehearsal

The Hudson Valley is the perfect spot for your destination wedding.  Why not kickoff the celebration the night before and toast to your close family and friends that have travelled to celebrate you!  The couple's last night of longing is the perfect start to a memorable weekend!

The Hangover Brunch

Wedding guests who rise at 8am the morning after are reaching for the aspirin after a night of dancing and toasting.  Consider hosting a casual open-door style hangover brunch that your guests can attend on their time, grab a bite, and say their farewells after an incredible wedding weekend.  Black-tie optional.

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